Why you should read these books and more according to Ivanka

„I am Ivanka, EMBA Class’09. I am part of Skill Force’s executive search team. I work for customers that are part of various business areas – starting from production, pharma, retail sales, biotechnology, finance. The books that I clearly remember and would recommend in the field of people management and organizational development are:

Work rules! Laszlo Bock – A history of Google’s HRs and how they’ve managed to measure the team’s performances and what traits impact it the most.

Good to Great By Jim Collins – a story about the successful transformation and who is “on the bus” of the journey to success. This book is approaching its 20th anniversary, however, the findings, I believe, are still valid today.

No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention  – it’s about how managed to innovate and become a leader in the video world starting from a videotapes rental in the pre-Internet times; how they value people, freedom and integrity and how they attract and retain the top talents.“